Solution Highlights:
   As-Is                     Cool Flow I              Cool Flow II
  Baseline             6 - 9% Savings       16 - 18% Savings
Image Above: Using CFD solutions, the area of warm
air infiltration (yellow) is smaller, as is the leakage of
cold air from the bottom of the unit.
CFD Announces Release of
Refrigeration Solution/Beta
August 12, 2016

Sarasota, Florida - Cool Flow Dynamics Inc., has
announced the successful completion of its open
case refrigeration (OCR) solution after nearly 3 years
of development. Results using a state of the art OCR
produced 19.2% in energy cost savings and was
generated using 4.5 watts for every 600 watts saved.
Using an average price of electricity of  12 cents per
kWh, the system fully installed is anticipated to have a
payback of 6 months.

Produced up to 19.2% in energy
cost savings...
using 4.5 watts for
every 600 watts saved

CFD has designed the solution to be easy to install,
maintain and plug and play.  The first in store
demonstration is scheduled for a chain of
convenience stores with 8,500 units under its control
in the fall of 2016.  
"Eureka was the moment when we
realized that our customers hate
technology risk as much as we do!"
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   *  19.2% Total Cost Savings

    *    4.5 Watts Used for every 600
         Watts Saved

    *    Temperature 9% Colder

    *    6 Month Payback at 12 cents
         per kWh cost

    *    Recovers 55% faster after warm
         air intrusion

          *    First deliveries ready 90 days after
            Beta's 4th Quarter 2016
Results without the Technology Risks