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August 26, 2013.  Tokyo, Japan.

Cool Flow Dynamics Inc. and Taisei Techno Co.
Japan have agreed to a strategic partnership in the
development, manufacturing, distribution,
installation and maintenance of the Company’s

Tokyo, Japan - Taisei Techno has successfully developed and
commercialized over a dozen products over the past 60 years and
currently produces, installs and maintains sophisticated electronic
machines and equipment for the Japanese rail industry and has a
national presence throughout Japan. According to Kalu Watanabe, CEO
of Cool Flow Dynamics,
“Taisei Techno has the engineering
experience and capabilities to provide the Company with the
engineering support to develop a manufacturing plan for Cool Flow
 The companies have agreed to develop plans to establish
the Company’s manufacturing facilities in Manatee County, Florida for
global distribution.

Mr. Watanabe noted that
“with Taisei Techno’s substantial engineering
expertise in commercializing products, we will be able to bring our
solutions to market sooner.”  
Regarding the future collaborations he
“In addition to the manufacturing support, we now have the
ability to seamlessly transition into the installation and deployment
phase of the business leveraging Taisei Techno’s resources and
knowledge of our products”.

About Taisei Techno Co. Japan: Is a privately held Company with main
offices in Tokyo and Osaka and was founded in 1946.  Its main
customers include Japan Rail, Hitachi, Panasonic and Siemens. The
company has over 100 employees with the main focus on engineering,
manufacturing & maintenance operations.

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