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August 3, 2013.  Sarasota, Florida.

Cool Flow Dynamics Inc. Formed to Address the
Inefficiency of Open Case Refrigeration

Sarasota, FL - The company formally filed a patent for its proprietary
solution for developing a product that provides energy efficiency
solutions for open refrigeration cases for retailers, specifically targeting
the food and beverage segment. Solving the open refrigeration challenge
is the ‘low hanging’ fruit for retailers as 75% of energy used to operate
these displays is wasted.

In the US, open refrigeration represents 55% of a typical convenience
store and 35% of a grocery store's energy consumption. Globally where
electricity prices are higher, the challenge is even greater. The wasted
energy is substantial enough that the United States Department of
Energy is attempting to introduce new legislation in 2014 to curb
inefficiencies. Mr. Watanabe, the Founder, estimates that the global
market for this type of solution in the grocery and convenience store
sectors alone is $20 billion.
“Unfortunately the solutions on the market
today have inadequately addressed this challenge to the satisfaction
of Retailers”
according to Mr. Watanabe. The company intends to
challenge the status quo by introducing a solution that can substantially
reduce the energy wasted, resolve customer concerns, while
maintaining a low ROI that is more in line with corporate investment

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