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Former Amazon Web Architect Appointed to Board

Sarasota, FL - Cool Flow Dynamics Inc. has announced the appointment
of Jonathan Kochmer, a former web architect for Amazon, into the newly
created Advisory Board. Company CEO Kalu Watanabe expressed that it
“an honor to have someone of Jonathan’s brilliance working with
the Company. His vision, entrepreneurial background and creativity
will be a huge asset moving forward.”
The Advisory Board will initially
consist of 3 members and will be formalized in early 2014.

Jonathan is a Yale trained scientist and successful entrepreneur who
was recruited by Jeff Bezos to develop the web architecture for
Amazon.com when it launched in 1995. He was responsible for many of
its critical developments through 2000.  Currently at Earth Economics, he
is in charge of developing the Ecosystem Valuation Toolkit (EVT.) EVT is
a comprehensive online system for accurately deriving economic
valuations of ecosystems necessary for the earth’s survival.  EVT has
drawn a positive reception from the United States Treasury, United
Nations & European Space Agency.

The purpose of the board is to evaluate the technical developments of
the Company’s core products and to assess other potential
 “We recognize the great potential of the research we
are conducting and will aggressively seek innovations that advance
our development or lead us to greater opportunities,”
said Kalu
regarding the corporate objective of the new Board.
 “Having a creative
mind like Jonathan, who is a guru in multiple fields of technology and
science engaged in our Company, will help keep us ahead of the
playing field.”

For Full Bio: www.linkedin.com/in/jonathankochmer

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