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February 17, 2014.  Gainesville, Florida.

Cool Flow Dynamics Inc. Secures License

Gainesville, FL - The Company has secured a global license agreement
with the University of Florida for its plasma actuators which the Company
will use in the development of their products. Under the supervision of
Dr. Subrata Roy, a global academic leader in the field of plasma
technology, the University of Florida has been conducting the Product
Development of the initial prototype of the Company’s open refrigeration
solutions. The Company has patented the application of these
technologies for the open refrigeration market and has now secured
control of the patents of the technology itself through its licensing

“We are extremely pleased with the results of our discussions and
are very confident moving forward that we will have success,”

remarked Kalu Watanabe, Founder of Cool Flow Dynamics Inc.
Company has been developing a cost effective, innovative solution
and global food and beverage retailers have been seeking an
alternative to their current menu of choices in the field of energy
efficiency. With the Department of Energy attempting to write energy
efficiency standards for open refrigeration, our work becomes that
much more important.”

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