Engineer Chuck Baisch explaining the refrigeration solution to CFO Alexander
Smouha in Sarasota
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Cool Flow Dynamics Achieves 15.7% Power Use
Reduction in Open Case Refrigeration

February 2, 2016

Sarasota, FL - Cool Flow Dynamics Inc., has announced that in early
stage development of its new energy efficiency solutions for open case
refrigeration that it has achieved a 15.7% reduction in power use.

Although the company is still at the early stages of developing its
commercial prototype, these results come on a solution that the
Company sees as low cost and easy installation.

According to the CEO Mr. Watanabe, "the first devices that we are
currently developing would come in under a 1 year payback and could be
installed in about 15 - 20 minutes."  The Company expects to release a
Beta version of its overall product by as early as this summer and expect
to have its "Total open case refrigeration package ready to offer by years
end. "There are still some aspects of the solution that still need refining
and testing," said Mr. Watanabe, "but we believe that with our offering, the
delivery of 30% overall energy use reduction is well within our reach now.

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