CFD Achieves 18% Drag Reduction Up from
14% and overcomes Ozone Issue
...challenges for air flow solution include complex power
configurations, high levels of ozone production, a regulated
pollutant by the EPA...
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Cool Flow Dynamics News
February 28, 2016

SARASOTA, Fla - Cool Flow Dynamics Inc., in its latest wind tunnel
testing has achieved 18% drag reduction, which equates to between a
10.8 - 11.7% fuel efficiency for long haul trucks.  

As significant, the company has successfully resolved the challenges
related to the highly sensitive power source issue as well as the ozone
challenges associated with plasma actuators. Furthermore we have
been able to accomplish in a manner where we project we will be able to
offer aggressive ROI's with a target number of 1 year ROI even in todays
low price gasoline environment.

According to the CEO , "The greatest challenges that face other
companies attempting to develop air flow based solutions around
plasma and synthetic jet actuator (SJA) technology include, parasitic,
complex and expensive power configurations which may not be reliable
when operating even 8 hours per day, or the high levels of ozone
by-product which is a regulated pollutant by the EPA In the case of
Synthetic Jet Actuator's, highly sensitive moving parts, that have hindered
them from being used in commercial applications.
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