March 13, 2014. Gainesville, Florida.

Cool Flow Dynamics Presents at the Celebration
of Innovation

Gainesville, FL - Cool Flow Dynamics, a Sarasota Florida based
company was selected as one of 14 presenters at the Celebration of
Innovation held at the University of Florida.  The University of Florida is
only behind MIT in terms of the number of start-ups created
surpassing the entire University of Texas and University of California
systems. Over 300 business leaders and investors attended the event
from around the country.

Cool Flow Dynamics generated substantial attention before and after
its formal presentation. Later Kalu Watanabe, the Founder of the
company quipped,
“I barely made it out of the hall before investors
chased me outside and gathered around to ask me questions…It
was very exciting”.

The event was timed with the beginning of the Company’s effort to
raise an additional Seed round of funding, after successfully attaining
its initial milestones using only a fraction of its initial investment round
“We are extremely proud of what we have been able to
accomplish with the investment we raised last fall, it’s a testament
to what can be accomplished in a ‘lean start-up’ mode… Most
investors we spoke with were very impressed.”

The Company currently has a team of 3 full time and 4 part time
executives, in addition to 3 PhD and 2 Masters academic researchers
who are conducting product development at the University of Florida.
Referring to his own core executive team,
“...It’s amazing how
dedicated people are when they truly believe in what they are
working on and the sacrifices they are willing to make short term
to get us where we are going!”
Dr. Subrata Roy CTO (right) with Kalu Watanabe
CEO (left) at presentation.
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