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November 5, 2013. Sarasota, Florida.

Cool Flow Dynamics Inc. Completes Seed Round

Sarasota, FL - Kalu Watanabe, CEO of Cool Flow Dynamics, has
announced the completion of the Company’s initial Seed Round of
investment funding.  The Company has completed raising $200,000 in
external funding which came from individual as well as corporate
resources.  The Company was started with $25,000 in internal funding
and was recently awarded a $60,000 grant to support its research efforts.

“Although the Company has officially closed on $200,000 of
investments, when one includes the cash, the grant money and the in
kind engineering support from our partners, we have actually raised
explained Kalu.   He also noted that the Company is
continuing to receive ‘substantial’ support from the University, which is
leading to opportunities for greater visibility in the investment community.

The initial valuation for the purpose of its Seed Round was $1 million
which was set prior to the completion of most of the milestones that have
been achieved since the launch.

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