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September 19, 2013. Sarasota, Florida.

Research Agreement with University Reached

Sarasota, FL - Cool Flow Dynamics, Inc. has signed an agreement with
a top 10 public research University in the United States. The University
will provide the lab facility, testing, control equipment and research staff
to develop a working prototype that will lead to the commercialization of
Cool Flow Dynamics patented energy efficiency solution for open case
refrigeration. The research will be overseen by a global academic leader
in the field of technology that the Company will be using to produce its

Kalu Watanabe, the CEO of the Company which is operating in a Lean
Start-up mode stated
“This is very exciting for us, to instantly have a
staff of 10 researchers who understand this technology and can
immediately begin to work on the solution. As a start-up, we could not
ask for a better scenario.”

“The plan is coming together”
said Kalu “We now have a highly
acclaimed Professor leading a brilliant team that is developing our
prototype in a top tier University.... and we have a team of
experienced engineers from Japan ready to turn their research into a
final manufactured product for us.”

In late August a partnership was announced in which Taisei Techno
would provide engineering expertise to develop a manufacturing plan for
the Company for its operations in Florida.  

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