May 25, 2014
Energy Savings through Successful

Gainesville, FL - Cool Flow Dynamics, a
Sarasota Florida based company announced
today that its initial prototype being
developed at the University of Florida has
achieved its goal of creating containment
and separation using what the Company
refers to as the 'Waterfall Effect'.
Cool Flow Dynamics In the News
February 24, 2014.
Alexander Smouha Joins CFD as CFO

Cool Flow Dynamics has announced that
Alexander Smouha will be joining the
Company as its new Chief Financial Officer.
February 19, 2014
Dr. Subrata Roy Joins as CTO

Dr. Subrata Roy, a global leader in the field of
plasma technology has joined Cool Flow
Dynamics as its new Chief Technology Officer.
February 17, 2014.
Cool Flow Dynamics Secures

The Company has secured a global license
agreement with the University of Florida for
its plasma actuators which the Company will
use in the development of their products.
December 3, 2013.
Former Amazon Web Architect
Appointed to Board

Cool Flow Dynamics announced the
appointment of Jonathan Kochmer, a former
web architect for Amazon, into the newly
created Advisory Board.
Cool Flow Dynamics Awarded $60,000
Research Grant

...has been awarded a $60K government
funded grant to support the research being
conducted to reduce waste in open
refrigeration units.
September 19, 2013.
Research Agreement with University

...has signed an agreement with a top 10
public research University in the US ...that will
lead to the commercialization of Cool Flow
Dynamics patented energy efficiency solution
for open case refrigeration.
November 5, 2013.
Cool Flow Dynamics Completes Seed

"...when one includes the cash, the grant
money and the in-kind engineering support
from our partners, we have actually raised
$310,000." explained the CEO.
August 26, 2013.
Cool Flow Dynamics and Taisei
Techno Co. Agree to Strategic

Cool Flow Dynamics and Taisei Techno Co.
have agreed to a strategic partnership in the
development, manufacturing, distribution,
installation and maintenance of the
Company's products.
Cool Flow Dynamics is Formed to
Address the Inefficiency of Open Case

The Company formally filed for a patent for its
proprietary solution for developing a product
that provides energy efficiency solutions for
open case refrigeration.
March 13, 2014
Cool Flow Dynamics Presents at the
Celebration of Innovation

Gainesville, FL - Cool Flow Dynamics, a
Sarasota Florida based company was selected
as one of 14 presenters at the Celebration of
Innovation held at the University of Florida.  
The University of Florida is only behind MIT in
terms of the number of start-ups created
surpassing the entire University of Texas and
University of California systems. Over 300
business leaders and investors attended the
event from around the country.
September 03, 2014
Florida Institute Funds Sarasota
based Cool Flow Dynamics

Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Florida Institute
for the Commercialization of Public
Research (the Institute) announced today
that it has finalized a funding agreement
with Cool Flow Dynamics; a Sarasota based
company that is developing an energy
efficiency solution for open-case display
refrigerators used by food and beverage
retailers. The Institute supports new company
creation based on publicly-funded research,
and bridges early funding gaps for
companies spinning out of Florida-based
universities and research institutions.
September 27, 2014
Cool Flow Dynamics Awarded
$75,000 in Grants from the Florida
High Tech Corridor Program.

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-- Cool Flow Dynamics
has announced that the Company has been
awarded $75,000 in new grants towards its
research and development of advanced fuel
efficiency solutions surrounding the use of
the University of Florida proprietary plasma

Earlier this past summer, the Company
secured exclusive global technology licenses
from the University of Florida to develop its
solutions, around which the most recent
grants were awarded.
April 7, 2015
Cool Flow Dynamics Introduces a New

SARASOTA, Fla.-- Cool Flow Dynamics has
introduced a new look logo to better reflect
the diverse product development projects it is
engaged in.

The submission for requests on designs
resulted in nearly 300 submissions from
several dozen designers from across the
globe. The final winner was chosen through a
voting process which included staff,
customers, clients, colleagues and investors
of the Company.  
July 1, 2015
Cool Flow Dynamics: Improve Fuel
Efficiency on Trucks by 10%

GAINESVILLE, Fla - Cool Flow Dynamics Inc.
has released the results of Phase 1 and 2
testing of scaled trucks in a wind tunnel
environment at the University of Florida.  The
results at speeds varying between 30 - 70 mph
showed overall vehicle drag reductions of up
to 14.77%.
The Department of Transportation estimates
that a trailer truck operating at 70 mph uses
65% of its fuel simply to overcome drag.  By
extrapolating the data from this
demonstration, a 14.77% reduction in overall
drag would equate to a fuel savings of just
under 10%.  In economic terms, the average
long haul carrier truck would save between
$5,000 - $6,000 per year at current gas prices.
October 15, 2015
Company Secures Additional Funding
to Accelerate Development

SARASOTA, Fla - Cool Flow Dynamics Inc.,
has secured an additional round of angel
funding based upon the most recent
advancements in the development of an
aerodynamic air flow solution to reduce drag
and improve fuel efficiency.  

Most significantly, the company may be on
the verge of announcing significant
breakthroughs in the development of its
December 1, 2015
Cool Flow Dynamics Opens a New
Office in Sarasota, Florida
SARASOTA, FL - Cool Flow Dynamics Inc.,
has announced the opening of its new office
located in Sarasota County Florida to
accommodate its growing staff and research

"The location is great for us as we can easily
grow into the full 3000 square foot footprints
that these units provide" stated Mr.Watanabe.
"The floor plans here provide us with the
ability to support R & D, administrative
support and warehousing capability. In
addition we are surrounded by the paradise
that we call Sarasota in this Gulf of Mexico...
February 2, 2016
Cool Flow Dynamics Achieves 15.7%
Power Use Reduction in Open Case
SARASOTA, FL - Cool Flow Dynamics Inc.,
has announced that in early stage
development of its new energy efficiency
solutions for open case refrigeration that it
has achieved a 15.7% reduction in power use.

According to the CEO Mr. Watanabe, "the
first devices that we are currently developing
would come in under a 1 year payback and
could be installed in about 15 - 20 minutes."  
The Company expects to release a Beta
version of its overall product by as early as...
February 28, 2016
CFD Achieves 18% Drag Reduction Up
from 14% and overcomes Ozone Issue
Flint, Michigan - In its latest wind tunnel testing
has achieved 16% drag reduction, which
equates to between a 10.8 - 11.7% fuel
efficiency for class 8 trucks.  

As significant, the company has successfully
resolved the challenges related to the highly
sensitive power source issue as well as the
ozone challenges associated with plasma
actuators. Furthermore we have been able to
accomplish in a manner where we project we
will be able to offer aggressive ROI's with a
target number of 1 year ROI even in todays low
price gasoline environment.
Physics of
Air Flow
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"The greatest disruption is doing the complex
without the
July 21, 2016
Cool Flow Dynamics Presents at the
New York Venture Summit
New York, NY - CEO Kalu Watanabe and his
team were invited to present in the Cleantech
track of the New York Venture Summit.  The
venue provides valuable exposure for young
start up and early stage companies. For Cool
Flow Dynamics this was the launch of what will
be a 1st Quarter 2017 "A" round funding goal.
The presentation was greeted with enthusiasm
by the crowd, that was treated to a unique,
easy to follow story of the company and its
products.  The message that truly resonated
with the audience was the idea of "eliminating
the technology risk, but replicating the results",
the new company mantra.
July 1, 2016
Cool Flow Dynamics Announces Final
Seed Round: $100k Committed
Sarasota, FL The Company has announced
that it will be launching a final seed round to
get the company through Beta testing, EPA
certifications and to bridge the company
through its A round. The Company will begin
expanding its efforts to increase the sales
channels  for both Beta products in
Upon announcing its intention to raise more
capital, the company received a new
commitment for an additional $100,000.
The formal launch towards its A round
funding will occur at the New York Venture
Summit coming up on July 21.
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