Cool Flow Dynamics Eliminated the
use of Plasma Actuators & Extreme
Voltage Power in their Drag Reduction
Ozone, Parasitic & Expensive Power
Controllers No Longer an Issue for
Cool Flow Dynamics
SARASOTA, Florida.  Cool Flow Dynamics will not divulge at
this time the innovations that are driving the new solutions
that they have recently tested successfully at 2 highly
acclaimed Universities in the United States as well as at an
engineering firm in Japan that provides support products to
Japanese rail industry.

The current time line has the Company beginning full scale
testing in September of  2016 and meeting with several of
the largest trucking firms in the nation soon after to
introduce their new products.  According to the CEO, Kalu
Watanabe, many have been waiting patiently for over a year,
"but it will be well worth it when they realize what we have
created and realize that we heard them loud and clear
regarding their product criteria. "

The trucking industry has been looking for a solution that is
lightweight, easy to install, easy maintenance, out of the
way, no human interaction and low cost.  The current
projections have the product paying for itself in under 1 year,
but as little as 4 months, with the best fuel savings in the
trucking industry.
EPA on Ozone Pollution
Ozone Kills People - Salt Lake Study
EPA Reduce Truck Ozone
Vehicle Emitted Ozone ADEQ
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